The Real Trust Came From Having Jennifer On My SideMy wife and I came to Jennifer’s office terrified that I wouldn’t be able to stay here. We had a horrible experience at the Sarnia border and I was only given a short visitor visa. Because our relationship isn’t legal in my state, we had chosen my wife’s home as the place we wanted to build our lives. That now seemed impossible. We googled immigration lawyers and called a few places. One didn’t answer; another gave no information over the phone. When we called Jennifer’s office, they gave us a lot of information and asked a lot of questions that let us know that they knew what they were talking about.

We were able to get in for a consultation very quickly and we were given assurance within 15 minutes that I didn’t have to leave; that there were options that would extend my stay. It felt like I was able to draw my first full breath in days. We both got the feeling that Jennifer and her office knew the system and how to work within the rules. They could navigate our way through so we didn’t have to worry.

We decided right then that these were the people to help us. Our experiences with them were perfect. They’re efficient, friendly and broadminded. They were responsible with our resources and always explained any new fees. It was never more than 24 hours before we had an answer to a question. They gave us relevant and helpful information even if that was outside of their job; like providing us with information on where to go to access services in other government departments that impacted our lives (customs, health cards, SIN number etc).

The value of the peace of mind that came from having Jennifer and her team behind us is hard to put into words. We had planned some ‘bug out’ solutions if this didn’t work out, but we didn’t need them. Now I’m able to stay with my wife and no one is going to force me to leave her.

We’ve already recommended friends to speak with Jennifer. If you want a direct answer, no matter how convoluted your personal situation is or how desperate you are, go to her. You’ll get an honest, complete and easy to understand answer.

Ever since our first meeting with Jennifer, my sense of security (that feeling that this would work out) came from Jennifer and her team. The paperwork that I now have is the cherry on top. For me, the real trust came from having Jennifer on my side. I knew that that she would get it done and now I don’t ever have to hide. I can work, live and enjoy my life here with my partner.

Thank you, Jennifer, for making Canada home.

— C & N