She Gave Us HopeMy partner and I originally heard about Jennifer’s office through her niece. Vicky and I originally met, and fell in love, while she was here as a temporary worker. When her work visa wasn’t renewed, we didn’t think we had any choice but for her to return to the Philippines; so she left. Ever
since, we’d been trying to find a way to bring Vicky back here to join me again as my spouse. We had some complications because of health issues, and that we technically didn’t meet the criteria for being spouses while Vicky had been here.

I talked to several lawyers in my area and all of them said there was
nothing to be done. Vicky’s niece was a client of Jennifer’s in Kitchener
and so we decided to go for a consultation. Vicky was able to join via
Skype from the Philippines, so that we could both hear the information.
After that meeting, we decided to hire Jennifer, as she gave us some hope.
We still had a long shot to be approved, but she at least was willing to
give it a shot. We’re glad that we hired them and would do it again.

It was a long process, but they kept us informed the whole time. They
helped me to do what was needed to prove our relationship, although words don’t come easy for me. They got my love back to Canada. When Vicky was able to come back to Canada as a permanent resident, we were over the moon.

I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone. They’re the only ones that helped me, everyone else said no. Go to them, they’ve proven themselves to Vicky and me. Everyone we worked with was great.

Now Vicky is here and we can live our lives, start to plan our future
together, begin to live again.

Thanks, Jennifer and team, for all your work.

— Richard & Vicky