She Put Her Pen and Paper DownI was directed to Jennifer’s office through my employer who had worked with Jennifer’s office in the past and was assisting me with my PR application now.

Although the firm we would work with was already chosen for me, I found Jennifer’s team to be very friendly, welcoming and informative. In all of my interactions with them they were nice and always made me feel comfortable. I could tell they were really knowledgeable about immigration and were always able to answer my questions easily.

I really appreciated also how personal our interactions were. During one meeting, I remember Erica, one of Jennifer’s staff members, saw I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and she put her pen and paper down and we had a real conversation together, away from immigration and my application. It was nice to feel that the people working on my application cared about me not only as a client, but as a human as well.

Although the location of the office is a bit far from where I live, the experience of working with their office was worth it. I was really impressed that they emailed me more than I expected, making sure I knew where we were in the process. They were also on-top of my application once it had been submitted, following up with Immigration at certain intervals in the processing time and keeping me posted with updates. I was never left wondering what was happening and it was really nice to be kept in the loop.

I would recommend Jennifer’s office for anyone that needs help with Immigration – they are friendly, comfortable and thorough and will get the job done.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all the hard work!