My family came to Jennifer several years ago when we wanted my elderly mother to stay with us rather than have to return to her home country all alone.  When we first met with her, we knew that we were in the right place.  We had confidence in her abilities and that she understood us.  We were referred by a friend and we would certainly hire her again.

Our case was pretty risky as my mom was out of status here.  She was professional and knew her stuff.  Whenever something was required by the embassy, her team was on top of it.  When we had some difficulties with job losses etc, she worked with us to make sure things were still on track.

Our biggest worry was that we would lose our mom and now, she can be an active part of her children and grandchildren’s lives.  When asked if Jennifer provided value for her, my mom’s only words were ‘I’m here with my children’.

— Ali