I came here from Portugal to go to school; then, I was working after graduation. After I met, and fell in love with my Canadian husband, we were looking for ways that I could stay. I had an idea that we would do this process ourselves but I got overwhelmed with trying to figure it out. I googled ‘best immigration lawyer in KW’ and Jennifer’s name popped up. I read the reviews and decided that we should go for a consultation; maybe that would give us enough information to sort out what we’d read online.

My husband and I went to meet with Jennifer and she went over all the options that we had. Both Craig and I looked at each other and thought this is too much work and too confusing to do by ourselves. I had made it to Canada by myself, but now I needed help to stay.

Our experiences with the office were great. They were very clear in how they answered any questions I had and they didn’t lie to me. The peace of mind of knowing that we’ve covered all the bases let us be confident that this was going to work and I could stay here. They keep up with all the changes in the law and get things done correctly – that’s what I tell people when they ask me why we chose Jennifer.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and I have the peace of knowing that I can stay. It may seem like a little thing, but we’re planning a vacation this fall and when we come home, I’ll be able to stand in the same line as my husband at the airport.

Thanks Jennifer and team you’re all amazing.

— Ana