My wife and I first came to Jennifer’s office because I was close to the end of my Post Graduate Work Permit and we knew that we wanted to do a spousal sponsorship for my permanent residency. We googled to see who in the area would be able to assist us. We knew that our situation was a bit complicated as my wife had sponsored someone before. When we saw Jennifer’s website and read her bio that she was an immigrant herself, and that there were a lot of stellar reviews from previous clients, we decided to call for an appointment.

We got the information we needed at the consultation level – enough to realize that this was going to be a full-time job and that we didn’t want to do this ourselves. Now, at the end of this process, we’re still married so I consider that they provided a valuable service! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful and they got back to us promptly with any questions we had. When I had a health scare, they were able to get back to us quickly and helped us find the information we needed.

The work that Jennifer and her team put in our behalf was very valuable. We trusted them and knew that they had our back. If this process hadn’t been successful, we would have had to move to Ireland and leave my Canadian daughters behind with their mothers – something that neither of us wanted to even think about.

I’m now a permanent resident here in Canada and am happy to tell others to go and check out Jennifer and her team for help. They give very good, in-depth advice and gather all the information that you need to submit to make a successful application. Both my wife and I look back on the meeting when we went over our relationship history and we would never have thought to provide such detail in explaining who we are to immigration. Both of us realized that they know what they’re doing and know the pitfalls to avoid.

Both Sherry and I are looking forward to travelling the world, knowing that now I have a home here in Canada. Thank you Jennifer and team for making that a reality.

— Andrew & Sherry