I first came to Jennifer’s office on the recommendation of a family friend.  I was having trouble with my Post-Graduate Work Permit back in 2016.  Jennifer was very helpful in sorting out my situation and so when it came time for figuring out how to get permanent residency, she was the one we turned to.

Shortly after I first went to see Jennifer, I met My Canadian husband Anh.  In the spring of 2018 we went together for a consultation with Jennifer once we were engaged.  Anh had a refused sponsorship application before and so we knew we didn’t want to do this on our own.  His previous experience, with another representative, didn’t give him high hopes of Jennifer being able to help us.  However, after our first consultation with Jennifer, he completely changed his mind.  Both of us liked the detailed plan she presented us and he said ‘we should do this – I think they’ll do great for us”.  We hired Jennifer and were 100% glad we did.

The process was less stressful and went very smoothly, even with both of our previous application hiccups (individually) in the past.   The entire office is friendly, organized and very professional.  We didn’t have a lot of concerns or questions because they were so thorough in preparing us for each step along the way.

We had complete confidence in them and that was invaluable.  It gave us less stress as we were going through the process.  We’ve already recommended them to others telling them that Jennifer and her whole team will make sure everything is done properly.  You’ll be 100% good to go before they file.  They were on point with everything with us and were very transparent about what they were doing.

Overall as a team, everyone we dealt with was equally great.  We’d like to give a shout out to the whole office.  It didn’t matter who we saw in a particular meeting, the same values and professionalism were there across the entire team.  It was a great process, start to finish.

Now I’m a permanent resident here, after being here for six years.  If we tried to do this by ourselves, we would have really struggled.  Now we can plan our future; trips, travels, bringing my family here… the future is bright.

Thanks to everyone for getting us here.

Anna and Anh