I met my wife Jean through mutual friends several years ago. We really clicked right away and soon I knew that I wanted to stay with her forever. I’m from the US and had been busy living my life here in Canada and hadn’t worried about my immigration status. I knew that I had to get it corrected and so both Jean and I were nervous when we came to Jennifer’s office. We had looked up various immigration lawyers online and sent email requests out to three of them. Jennifer was the only one who responded. We talked with them on the phone and decided to book a consultation. We never felt the need to look elsewhere.

The team at the office were very pleasant and helpful and we felt as comfortable as you could ever expect to be in a lawyer’s office. We were always able to joke and laugh in the office and never felt talked down to – one of my wife’s biggest pet peeves. We were lost in the sea of paperwork at times and the amount of information that we were asked to provide by Jennifer and her team was more than we would have ever thought of on our own. We could see the rationale behind what they asked for but it was hard to open our private lives to others. We could see the path that we were traveling and never felt pushed or pressured. 

We want to give accolades to everyone in the office. From the front desk onwards everyone is professional and treated us like real human beings. We trusted them and weren’t disappointed. We always felt better upon leaving the office after a meeting with the folks in the office. The expense is a lot but now I can work here freely and I have a great job with benefits. Such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Jean and I truly thank Jennifer and her team for helping us to live our lives. Thanks for all you did.

— Brian & Jean