We found this law office in one of the most challenging periods of our lives. Newly married, my wife Canadian and myself American, we had drastically misunderstood the processes necessary to ensure I would be able to build a life with her in Ontario, and I was only a couple of weeks away from a potential notice of deportation. Based on the mistakes I made, I did not think I even deserved a chance to make it right and managed the (short, but painful) wait for an appointment with plans to move back to the US and restart the process.

Already partially reassured by the incredibly fast and professional response of the office’s staff, I went into the meeting cautiously optimistic, and to make a long story short, we immediately agreed to enter a process that just in the past couple of months culminated in securing my permanent residency. Along the way, I received expedited permissions to pursue a job in Ontario, mentoring throughout the process of acquiring required documents and testimonials, anything we could have wanted, especially and all importantly the peace of mind mentioned in other reviews here already. And I never had to be separated from my wife at any point.

While expensive, the costs were well explained, and we were coached in how to keep the costs as low as possible by doing as much on our end as we could. This resulted in a sizable refund of our retainer, given to us immediately along with my notice of permanent residency. I have nothing but praise for their office and staff, and anticipate continuing to exchange Christmas greetings/gifts over many happy years here in the province.

— Cheyenne