My partner and I are cheerleading coaches from the US. We initially discovered Jennifer’s office when we were looking to take jobs offered to us in Canada, but we couldn’t get the work permit process figured out on our own. Our employers found Jennifer online and looked over the reviews. They called three different people and ended up coming in for a consultation with Jennifer and the rest is history.

It may seem strange that my best moment with the office was when they were with me at the border trying to get my work permit and I had been refused entry. From the way they talked to me in that moment, I knew right then and there that they had a plan, that they had my back. They knew the next step in the process and I felt confident that I was in good hands. They did get my work permit approved and so it only made sense to go to them once we were eligible for permanent residency.

I have a lot of energy and have trouble sitting still for meetings in a lawyer’s office. I really appreciated that our meetings were quick. They were well thought out and decisive. I knew the next thing that I had to do and there was always an email follow-up to remind me. I need deadlines and they were great to give them to me.

I’m a great cheerleading coach, but I don’t know this process. They do; so I let them do what they do best. That being said, they never talked down to me. The people I interacted with were pure gems.

Now that my partner and I are permanent residents – approved in less than 2 months by the way – I have the freedom to work and grow in my profession as a coach. There’s a lot more stability because we can stay here, work here and live our lives here. With the uncertainty in my country, I love that both of us have found a future here in Canada.  

 Corey & Taylor