I met my partner at the trucking company where we both worked at the time. I was on a work permit as a long haul trucker and my partner Penny worked in the main office.  I fell in love with her and her family and soon we were looking for ways to have me stay here permanently. As I was on the road a lot, the burden was really on Penny to be on top of all this.  We knew that we didn’t want to do this on our own. We wanted to leave it to the professionals and get it done right the first time. Penny found Jennifer online and we called for a consultation. Both of us walked out from that meeting with 100% confidence that this was the person that we wanted to work with. It just felt right.

I told Jennifer that, knowing what I know now, that I would absolutely hire Jennifer again in a heartbeat. I told her if she doubled her fee, I’d still do it. We had a few hiccups in our file – from the government end and having Jennifer on our side was invaluable. The staff is friendly and welcoming and very helpful. They were wonderfully patient and understanding with our questions and concerns.

As I was on the road a lot, having Jennifer’s team handle everything was worth its weight in gold. They knew what needed to be done and it was done when it was supposed to be done. It was invaluable to have Jennifer in our corner when there was a glitch from Immigration Canada. We would have been lost if we had received our package back and had nowhere to turn.

I have recommended others to go and see Jennifer because the extra touches go above and beyond normal service. I had been trying to figure out a business plan and needed a corporate lawyer but hadn’t been able to get anywhere. I mentioned my frustrations to Jennifer in passing while we were in the office for another reason. We knew that was not her area, or we would have come to her for that as well. Without even asking, she set me up with her own personal lawyer – that’s the kind of person that she is.

Everyone we dealt with in the office, and each person is an expert in their part of the application, was super fantastic. The professionalism and respect from everyone was amazing. Even with hiccups in our file, we completed our In-Canada application well short of the posted processing time.

Neither Penny nor I could imagine using another firm for any immigration work we have in the future. Jennifer and team, thank you for your amazing work on our behalf. Now we are able to move forward with our lives without travel restrictions and worries about our future.

— Darren & Penny