Donna and Abed met online while he was in the US on a student visa from Jordan. Soon after meeting Donna, Abed came to Canada on a Temporary Visitors Visa. Their relationship became more serious and Abed wanted to explore how to stay in Canada longer, to be with Donna. Donna and Abed say they decided they needed to hire a lawyer. They were referred to Jennifer and Donna quips, “we got lucky!”.

When Jennifer took their case, Abed was scheduled for a departure hearing with Immigration and he wanted someone on his side who knew the law. He notes “it was amazing to me how different the Immigration officials acted once I had a lawyer sitting beside me”. “With Jennifer” he says, “she didn’t make big promises but she always delivered big results”. Donna adds, “We felt safe with Jennifer”. When asked what she would say to someone today who is where she started seven years ago, Donna responds, “Hire the girl! She’s efficient, friendly, not intimidating and gets the job done”.

Today, not only is Abed a permanent resident, in 2009 he became a Canadian citizen. Donna sums up her advice to others, “If you pay them money and then don’t take their advice, you get what you get”.

 — Donna and Abed