My wife Wendy and I were very nervous and scared when we first came to Jennifer’s office.  We had filed my PR application a few years before and it was stuck.  I had some old criminal charges in the US that I didn’t know how to get taken care of and I didn’t know where to go from here.  We went online and typed in “CIC lawyers” and Jennifer was one of the first ones to come up.  We liked the information that she had on her website and so we decided to give her a call.  I had called another lawyer in a town closer to us but I didn’t like the attitude that they gave over the phone.  It really felt like they’d already judged me as a bad person because of my trouble in the US.

When I called Jennifer’s office the difference was amazing.  From the first phone call they have been nothing but friendly and helpful.  We feel free to call whenever we need something, or have a question and we talk to a friend.

When we first came to meet Jennifer, we knew we’d come to the right place.  She knew everything that had to be done and gave us a plan for how to get ‘unstuck’.  They are efficient and whenever there was an issue, they were on top of it and dealt with it right away.

I felt so much less stress once I had them on my side.  We didn’t have to worry anymore, although I did.  We dealt with my issues and now I am a permanent resident and able to stay here with my wife.  I’m looking forward to travelling and enjoying our grandchildren.

We had reached the end of ourselves and Jennifer and her staff relieved our stress and got things finished.  We couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Thank you.

— Donny & Wendy