My partner and I had a long relationship which began when we were both working in the US – she as a Canadian and myself as an American.  Our plan was always to return to Corliss’ country of Canada when we retired.  We had a couple of referrals to Jennifer and we were glad that we called and made an appointment.  When we initially came to see Jennifer, we were feeling very confident that we just needed some confirmation that we had satisfactorily completed the paperwork which we were ready to file. To our surprise, there were a number of pitfalls we had not anticipated, including new application forms issued a week earlier. Had we filed on our own, we would have had to begin the process all over again on the new forms, and we would still be in limbo. Both of us are well-educated people, working in professional careers before retirement, but we were nevertheless somewhat overwhelmed by the bureaucracy and the process.  We decided to hire Jennifer because we were impressed by her expertise and were stunned by the potential complications of doing this process incorrectly.

When asked to describe our experience with Jennifer and her team, the first thing that comes to mind is their thoroughness in outlining what we needed to do. They also kept tabs on us as we went along, monitoring our progress as we dug deeply into various files to provide documentation.  However, they were also jovial and there is a real sense of caring that underpins their work.  It really comes across that you matter to them, not just as a client but as a person. Any questions that we had were comprehensively answered and we both appreciated the detailed instructions for important submissions. They made sure that we were clear on details and that we were up-to-date on what they were doing on our behalf.  This gave us a lot of confidence in their work.  Their advice on border crossings while our Overseas Application was in process was very helpful.

Both Corliss and I would recommend Jennifer and her staff to others who are contemplating this process.  They saved us a lot of aggravation. The peace of mind that our application was done properly and that we were in good hands was invaluable. Every person that we dealt with from beginning to end was great.  The phone call from the office to say that we had gotten my permanent resident landing papers less than 100 days after we filed was certainly a highlight for both of us.

Now Corliss and I can focus on our time together and build our community here in Canada. Jennifer and team, thank you for all your hard work.  We are grateful for your guidance and expertise.

— Doug and Corliss