I was really desperate when I reached out to Jennifer. I had been sponsored to Canada by my partner and our relationship deteriorated into abuse and I had to leave for my own safety. At the time there was a condition to my PR that I had to stay with my sponsor for 2 years and so I got a letter from IRCC saying that I needed to prove that I could receive an exemption from that condition.

It was a very delicate situation and I didn’t know where to turn. I looked online and when I emailed the office, they replied the same day. I needed someone to calm me down and point me in the right direction to know what to do next. I came for a consultation with Jennifer and she gave me a lot of peace of mind. I’d hire her again just for that. I liked the way that I was treated with respect and a straightforward, professional plan to deal with my situation. They gave me clear instructions and were very efficient with my tight timeline to respond to IRCC.

Although the legislation changed and a few weeks later my case was dismissed as that condition was repealed, I would still recommend Jennifer Roggemann Law Office for anyone. They gave me peace of mind which allowed me to concentrate at work and gave me an outside perspective on my situation that made me feel better. They looked after the details so I could get on with my life. I would tell any perspective client that whatever the outcome, this office will do the best for their clients.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for all your help.

— GT