I met my wife while playing video games online.  I was in California and I found out later she lived in Ontario.  We played online together for a while and eventually we met and fell in love.  Our original plan was for Jackie to join me in the US but that plan fell through and so we decided that our future was in Canada.  Jackie didn’t want us to screw up the paperwork for our application and so we decided to hire a local law firm.  There isn’t a lot of choice in the Kitchener area and Jennifer’s office was very convenient for Jackie and so she had a consultation.  When we were asked if we would make the same decision to hire Jennifer and her team today, we said we would.  They succeeded and I’m here.  Everyone was really friendly to my wife and I and they took the time to explain things clearly to us so that we knew what we had to do next.

I was glad that I was able to communicate over skype with them from California, and in person when I was visiting Jackie.  We would recommend them to people in the same situation as we were.  They knew what to do to help us and they are really nice and friendly.  We liked the fact that they treated us like people, that it wasn’t all about business and money.

I am now a permanent resident of Canada and am looking forward to living life with my wife here.  I am very thankful to Jennifer and her team for  helping to make that happen.

— Henry & Jackie