My family is in Canada now and I wanted to bring my mum from the UK for longer visits than the normal visitor permits allow. I looked online and found Jennifer’s office and read some of her reviews. She was local, rather than having to go to Toronto which was a great thing in my mind. We decided to hire Jennifer and her office to get a Supervisa application for my mum – and perhaps sponsor her here sometime in the future.

The office is a friendly, welcoming place that is staffed with very helpful people. My mum now has her supervisa and so we’re very glad that we used Jennifer’s services to bring mum to see her grandkids for longer periods of time. She isn’t ready to leave her life completely in Britain and so we are holding off on the sponsorship route but when it comes time for that, we will get an overview of how the new system is working from Jennifer to see what our options are.

Thanks again Jennifer that mum can see us and the grandkids more often.

— Karen