When I first met my partner, I was working on a temporary work permit and it was due to expire fairly shortly into the start of our relationship. I continued to remain in Canada with a string of visitor’s visas until we decided that we both wanted to be together and have me stay in Canada with her. Around this time, we decided we were going to need an immigration lawyer to do this process correctly.

We began googling immigration lawyers and Jennifer’s office came up. We read the reviews and comments on her page and saw that she had been on CBC before; so we knew she must be credible. So we came in for a consultation. At first, we could not believe how blunt Jennifer was. But then we realized how valuable it was to receive a straight answer to our questions. We could tell Jennifer was very confident and straightforward and that she knew exactly what she was doing.

We had a great experience with Jennifer and her team. They are good people who provide a good service and they were always friendly and explained everything we needed to know. They also made sure to follow up on their instructions to make sure we were on the right track. It was a relief that they were so knowledgeable, even about the little things, and we didn’t have to do anything on our own. It felt like a burden lifted off of our shoulders, knowing that we didn’t need to worry about a thing – with Jennifer’s office, we knew they would take care of us and that everything would be submitted properly.

We would definitely recommend Jennifer’s office to anyone looking for advice. There can be a lot of misinformation regarding what one should or should not do, but Jennifer is blunt – if you do what she says, you will be on the right path straight from the get-go.

Becoming a permanent resident has been a very positive experience for me. I am happy to have the opportunity not only to stay with my partner, but to have work opportunities that I would never have had at home, and to see a big increase in my standard of living.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for handling our case and helping us out.

Kendel and Paula