I moved to the US for a professorship and fell in love with my wife and her son.  I never wanted to break my ties with Canada, the country of my birth as my family is still here.  While we are living in the US for the moment, we also have a home in Stratford, ON for our summers and as we look forward to retirement.  The plan was always for my wife Carrie and son Ben to have status in Canada.  In fact, now that Ben is heading to Toronto for University, we’re very glad that we googled immigration lawyers near Stratford and found Jennifer.

We knew that we needed them.  They dealt with immigration law and after probing into it on our own, we saw how complicated the process was, especially living in the US.  It was patently obvious that we were not going to do this on our own.  We felt more confident having someone handle the process for us. Jennifer and her team are personable and very clear.  They knew what needed to be done and when.  They were very direct and I appreciated their detailed bill and clear communications with us.  They would often respond via email very promptly and it was useful to have a written answer to refer to when we needed to.

I’m so grateful that my wife and stepson are now permanent residents in Canada.  I knew that our file was not the optimal file and it was a credit to them that everything was tied together so well that our application was processed in under six months.  Thank you Jennifer and team as we don’t know what we would have done without your guidance.

— Kevin