I came across JR Law Office after having already visited with another lawyer, and coming away disheartened – I did not feel like he understood our situation and just wanted to get us out the door. We were at a point where we really didn’t know what else to do.

Jennifer instantly made us feel hope when she said “I just wish you had come to see me this time last year!”.

We knew at that point we had eventually found the right person to help us with our situation. It took a couple months, and many appointments, but the whole process of applying for John to stay in Canada with me was made so much easier. We have now submitted our application and can enjoy spending time with each other, and not having to worry about deadlines, paperwork, phone calls, etc. It’s been fantastic having John back with me where he belongs. He has been making dinner, meeting me after work, joining me at the gym, and spending lots of well needed time doing the things we love to do – most importantly, we can do it together, without having to rely on an Internet connection. They have made 2016 the best year yet by making it the start to many years that we have to spent together.

Jennifer and her team are the most kind, loving, and committed people I’ve ever met. I would highly recommend people to visit with her office – you’ll wish (like us) that you had done it sooner!

Forever thankful for everything you have done for us so far!

— Louise and John