We came to Jennifer’s office for a couple of consultations.  The first time was a few years ago when my wife was still in school.  We were looking for information on how to obtain PR status for our family.  Friends of ours were Jennifer’s clients and recommended her to us.  We came for the first consultation, got information about how to apply under the express entry system. We listened to others in our lives that said we could do this without help and so applied on our own.  We came back to Jennifer after our application was refused.

Their reputation made us want to come back to her and her team.  This time, we knew we needed help to get us to our goal.  They are knowledgeable and accurate, thorough with what they expected from us.  There is a price to pay for their help, but we got what we needed; what we expected.  They understood our situation and the speed that things had to be processed as time was not on our side.  They were very gracious to get things done in a critical time – even over the Christmas holidays.

My wife Juliana was more nervous than I.  She would have liked more updates – even saying ‘no news is good news’. I understood that as soon as they knew anything, we would know.  Everyone we worked with at the office gave us their full attention, help and support.  I’ve already recommended others to Jennifer, who have also decided to hire her to assist them.

One thing that we weren’t expecting from a lawyer, but really appreciated, was when Jennifer told us that she’s praying for us and our application.  We really appreciated the spiritual concern she had for us and our future.

Our file truly was a Christmas miracle.  When I look at our permanent residence paperwork and see my kid’s names – that really means the world to me.  They now have a better future – access to better education, a safe place to live and grow up.  All our sacrifices are for are children and now, they can have the life I dream for them.

Thank you Jennifer for giving our family a place to call home.

Marcelo & Juliana