My husband and I have known each other for a long time but only recently did we become involved. He had emigrated to Canada many years ago and we lost touch. When he came back to visit my country, we attended the same party and it was like no time had passed.

We wanted to be together and, after a few visits to him in Canada, I could see myself living there. We wanted to figure out the best way for my son and I to come. My husband searched online and found Jennifer’s office. He liked that she was also an immigrant to Canada.

He decided to hire Jennifer after coming in to speak with her. When he told me how much it would cost, I said he was crazy. However, when I understood how the process works in Canada, I said that if this is the price, then we pay it. We got our results very quickly and so the price was worth it.

What was really valuable for me was when I was called for an interview, Jennifer and her team told me what questions to expect and how to anticipate what their concerns were with our relationship – as we’d eloped. When I got to the interview, saw the thickness of our file and that they hadn’t requested any additional documents; I realized that Jennifer and her team know what they’re doing. The details that they covered and prepared me for were very helpful and I was approved as a permanent resident shortly after the interview was completed. We were very pleasantly surprised by the speed of our approval. Our file was submitted in April of 2017 and I got my landing paperwork that same November. My son and I were able to become permanent residents at the beginning of 2018 and start our new life in Canada. Now my family is complete. My husband is no longer the only immigrant in our family to call Canada home.

Everyone at the office was very helpful and we both recommend that people go and see her. Yes, we may have been able to do this ourselves; but when you get stuck; where do you go? Thanks Jennifer and team for all your work.