I met my husband Paul through mutual friends on Facebook. I was born and raised in Mexico but had immigrated to the US.  We fell in love, got married and made some assumptions about the immigration process. Both of us thought the process in Canada would be the same as my experience in the US and so we didn’t really explore the options as we both wish we had. We quickly realized that we should seek some advice, even just to make sure we were on the right track.

Paul is from the KW area and so we did a Google search and read some of Jennifer’s feedback on her website. We were nervous when we first came in for a consultation but by the end of that meeting we felt both relieved and overwhelmed. We decided that hiring Jennifer and her team would be the right choice for us –and today we both still agree that it was a good decision. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and yet personable. She gave us advice with no strings attached and was very upfront that she wasn’t the cheapest option, and that isn’t the kind of work that she does.  She told us to think about it and make an informed decision. We decided that we would hire her as she was very knowledgeable and seemed to know the system really well. It was also important to me that we seemed to matter as people to her, not just as a file or application.

This process is life altering and can be very intimidating and overwhelming but the whole office team was very friendly and treated us with respect and professionalism. Their customer service is good and they got back to us promptly – sometimes even after hours – when we had questions.

My husband was looking at the financial side of things but I was focusing on the peace of mind and thoroughness that the office seems to provide as ‘standard’. They were very knowledgeable in the system and why certain things were necessary to provide – things that we would never have thought of on our own. 

I would definitely recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone going through this process. They met our expectations and the biggest thing was that we were taken care of throughout the process. They will direct you through the maze of bureaucracy that you will be overwhelmed with on your own. They exude a level of confidence and the expertise is significant throughout the team.

One thing that we wish we had done was to come to Jennifer earlier in the process. The picture we had before coming to them was incomplete and we had made some choices without complete information. Even just a consultation will inform you of many things you hadn’t thought of and give you a more complete picture of your situation.

The extra touches of sending a card to us when we were going through a rough patch, having our back whenever there was a problem and feeling well taken care of are all reasons that we’re glad that Jennifer and her team were helping us make the journey to permanent residence here in Canada.

— Paty & Paul