I came to Jennifer while I was an international student in Waterloo, ON.  I felt my situation was bleak and hopeless but I wanted someone to help me know my options upfront. I looked online for help in the Waterloo area.  Jennifer’s website popped up and I read all the testimonials.  I booked a consultation and found someone that I could trust to show me a path to where I wanted to go.

I felt more informed and hopeful after meeting with Jennifer.  It was still a bit of a long shot but she gave me a fighting chance to make Canada my permanent home.  She guided me to new options that gave me at least a chance to qualify for economic immigration.  I would never have been able to think of the path she gave me on my own.

The staff is friendly and extremely helpful.  They gave me far more than I expected, including a very detailed walk through of what needed to be done.  Although I am returning to my home country, for now, I am in a better spot than when I hired Jennifer and her team.  Now I am feeling more clarity on my situation and I know all the possible ways to move forward.  Jennifer and her team went beyond what I expected and even when I was leaving, they gave me more information and help to make sure that my path to returning to Canada will be as worry-free as possible.

I would, and have, recommended their office to anyone with an immigration question.  Jennifer is very good at what she does and is backed up by a great team.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

— Ravi