I came to Jennifer’s office to bring my wife and step-son from overseas. My sister-in-law was a former client of Jennifer’s and she had nothing but good things to say. I know some other friends going through this process and they have all seemed to have issues, changed firms or are still waiting to have their family here. These friends discouraged me from needing to hire a lawyer saying that I should do it on my own and save the money. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to them. My wife and stepson are here earlier than we were expecting and it’s the results that count in my book.

I decided to hire Jennifer and her team because if I was left on my own, I would have pulled out what little hair I have left. I couldn’t do this by myself. The office was very informative and professional. I was always kept in the loop and prodded when I needed to do something. They are detailed people who make sure that the job is done well. There were some times when I was uncomfortable with the level of detail that they were asking for but I knew that they wanted it for a reason. If they were satisfied, Immigration would be satisfied. They were on my side and wanting me to succeed. Everyone at the office is great to deal with – including Jennifer who won’t sugar coat things for you but will tell you your situation honestly.

My wife and step-son are here from the Philippines within nine months and my stepson loves playing in the snow of his first Canadian winter.

Thank you.

— Scott