My husband and I are originally from India but grew up in North America. Therefore, we have a blend of both cultures.  We knew that we wanted to spend our life together with my husband’s family in Canada.  We are both
competent people but the rules in immigration change so quickly.  We knew we needed someone whose business it was to keep on top of all those changes. We chose to come to speak with Jennifer in part because she was closer to us than going to a Toronto lawyer.  Her website presented well and we knew we wanted a lawyer to assist us.  We liked the fact that Jennifer was an immigrant herself and she had an in-depth understanding of the legalities and the emotional roller coaster that is associated with the process.

We liked several things about our relationship with Jennifer and her team. They were very professional, thoughtful and caring.  They were good at anticipating the next milestone we were approaching and coaching us on how to prepare for it.  They presented options and consequences for those options and allowed us to make the decisions that worked best for our situation.  It wasn’t a cold-blooded relationship that most people expect from a law firm.  It is a long investment and there are always some hiccups along the way.  However, they were successful in getting me my permanent residency and so I appreciate the service that they provided.

Jennifer and her team were always accommodating and I would recommend them to my friends and family.  I would tell them that they know their business. If you want to submit a complete application the first time so that there is nothing that needs to be requested by the government later, then Jennifer is your lawyer.

My husband and I are now able to travel the world knowing that Canada is our home.  Thanks to Jennifer and her team.

— Sharan and Satnam