Thank You For Being On Our Side I met my husband while on vacation in Northern Ireland.  We fell in love and he came to Canada as a visitor. We did a couple of applications – for International Experience Canada and to extend his visitor visa on our own. We thought we were doing well until we hit a snag and were refused. We came to Jennifer because we were worried about some trouble in my husband’s past. We left our first meeting with Jennifer with hope. Both of us now wish that we had come to her right from the start.

It has been a long journey for us – through a common-law application, a refusal, criminal rehab for a drinking charge several years ago in Northern Ireland, the second application after our wedding, the birth of our son… Jennifer and her team have been with us for it all. The team is very friendly and they certainly got to know us as people, not just clients. There were a lot of bumps in our road to get here but every time we hit a bump, Jennifer had a next step or a new path to take. We became a bit used to the ‘ok, here’s what happened… now we’re going to do this’ meeting. We learned to take the ‘good news’ phone calls with a bit of caution – especially if we’d gotten this far before. We truly felt that the team at the JRLaw was going through this journey with us. They were just as happy as we were with any good news and they felt the losses as deeply as we did.

When we received the call that Immigration had completed our file and my husband was going to become a permanent resident, I burst into tears. I was so glad that the father of my child would now have the weight of waiting lifted off his shoulders.

We couldn’t have done this process on our own. When we recommend Jennifer and her team we tell them they are tried and tested. We’ve got the results to prove it – my husband is now a permanent resident and we can now begin our dreams for a home for our family.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for always being on our side to make this happen.

A & W