They Celebrated Each Milestone In Our JourneyMy wife and I had been working here on Work Permits. Unfortunately, things did not go as we expected with my employer. We didn’t want to rely on our previous lawyer to make sure that things got sorted out for our permanent residence application so we got a referral to Jennifer’s office. We looked her up online and then called in to the office.

From the first consultation meeting with Jennifer, we realized that this was a place we felt comfortable. The meeting was hectic and there was a lot of information and options thrown around. We both agreed that she was very knowledgeable. As we had a lot of stuff on our plate; this was something we could off-load. We knew that we couldn’t do the process by ourselves and we both agreed to let the professionals handle it.

Every meeting or interaction (phone, email, skype) we were greeted warmly – usually with hugs in the office. Each milestone in our journey was celebrated with the whole office and we knew that they genuinely cared about us and our future. Not worrying about the details allowed the two of us to focus on our lives and our relationship; not our immigration paperwork.

We’re happy to recommend everyone at Jennifer’s office to others. It’s a personal, caring and professional team. They stay up-to-date on the law and there may be more options available that you know.

We came to Canada to start a new life and now we have. Now that we are permanent residents; the restrictions are gone. We can choose our future. We have ideas to start new businesses, personal goals that can now move forward; our insecurities and fears are gone. No one is going to kick us out of our home.

Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us achieve the life we’ve always wanted.

— Arjen & Karin