They’re Trustworthy And TransparentIn applying for permanent residence in Canada, I had a bit of a complicated situation, as I was already working in Canada and travelling overseas a lot. I looked on the Immigration website and saw that there were a lot of options and this confused me given my situation, so I didn’t think that I could / wanted to do this process on my own. When I was referred to Jennifer by a friend, I read her website and researched her a bit. She seemed like she had experience and was well known and knew what she was talking about. I booked a consultation and decided to hire her to help me.

Would I do it again? Yes. Of course it did cost a fair amount of money, but it relieved me from a lot of stress and me having to figure out a whole lot of things that I just didn’t have time for. I have a somewhat complex work history including working in various countries in the past, and I would have had a hard time to try and figure out how to represent myself to Immigration accurately. I appreciated that they had a professional, structured process and they kept me in line. They sometimes gave me maybe too much information at once but I overall knew what I needed to do and was able to follow their instructions and felt taken care of. I appreciated that they responded to my questions promptly and directly.

While there wasn’t anyone specifically in the office that stands out for me, they were all very helpful. They know their business and they get things done. They’re trustworthy and transparent – and honest. Overall, I’m very happy with the process. They have given me all the tools I need to become a permanent resident here in Canada.

Thank you to Jennifer and team for walking with me through a challenging and sometimes stressful process and taking away the frustration and stress that I’m sure would have overwhelmed me if I’d attempted this on my own.

— Antoine