application processAfter we file an in-Canada spousal application, we give a reminder to all such applicants to stay in Canada while their application is in process.  Some clients are pleased to know that information, whereas some clients are curious why we say something that might seem so obvious. However, we have seen many clients go across the border to USA, forgetting the situation they are under and then having to live with dire consequences.

After filing any applications, we advise clients that we would follow up with Citizenship and Immigration Canada only:

  • if we are requested or
  • if the standard processing time is reached,

whichever is earlier, because (1) we want to let CIC to do their job without our interruption – it tends to make processing more smooth and faster; and (2) we don’t want to increase any cost unnecessarily to our clients.  However, all our clients are more than welcome to request us to make a follow-up.

Patience is the best option at this point. Many clients have received benefits from our approach with CIC. We have the success of our clients as our vested interest and wish to make processing smooth and fast, and want to insure that we are not unnecessarily increasing cost for our clients. Our success rate is part of our ongoing client endorsements and that is what we endeavour to maintain and improve upon.