True Respect, Good Advice, and UnderstandingI came to Canada from the Philippines as a live-in caregiver to an elderly gentleman who has remained a good friend to me throughout this process. I applied for permanent residency in 2013 and had become more and more frustrated at the length of time that my application was taking. There were several communications back and forth with Immigration but I finally decided that I needed someone advocating for me. A close friend of mine had recently received her PR and she told me that I should go and see Jennifer to see if she could help.

My employer and I went for a consultation and I felt, after talking with Jennifer, that she could help me. I’m so glad that I made the decision to hire her. When my marriage fell apart, I’m so glad that Jennifer and her team understood my situation and listened and gave me true respect, good advice and helped me to understand all that I needed in order to make good decisions about the future for me and my son.

When I think of the value that Jennifer’s office provided me, it’s hard to put it into words. I trust them. They handled all the details and now I have my PR and soon my son will join me and I can begin my life again.

I tell people that I have the proof that she does what she says – I am able to permanently stay in Canada because Jennifer and her team really took care of me. I’ve spent my life taking care of others and to feel taken care of meant so much to me. They treat me as family and they care that they do things right.

Thank you. – Marilou