There have been a number of times where people ask me if there are any changes in Canadian immigration ever since we have a new president down south.

Trump Effect –Is This Real? Well I don’t know about the real impact but we certainly get a lot of inquiries and then if nothing else you see in a lot of newspaper articles as well as a TV stories with respect to a number of issues with respect to the immigration. Stories like Canadian citizens that are born raised here with a Canadian passport cannot enter in the United States for a visit. We also hear that Canadian citizens who used to work in the United States under NAFTA program cannot work in the United States any longer as recently as the nurses. We see the number of people stranded at various airports all over the word because they couldn’t enter into the United States, and that’s just the top stories I can talk about.

If for nothing else there is a much intense interest about moving to Canada from all over the word. I am excited because this is an amazing country; I am excited we definitely need more population especially in our Atlantic Provinces.

This is an amazing country that you can study, you can work, you can settle and you can raise your family if you’re interested in coming please contact our office and discuss your eligibility.