1. Do know your basic info about your trip so that you can answer clearly and readily.
  2. Do plan to wait, especially summer with much higher volume for holidays.
  3. Do have your documents ready for presentation appropriately – all pre-registrations such as ARRIVCAN, eTA should be all completed successfully BEFORE entering Canada. All your documents should be clearly supported – job title on your job offer and on labour market impact assessment should be the same, as well as your passport.
  4. Do your responses short and clear, but be helpful to note what you want officers to do. Instead of “I want a work permit”, “I am applying for a work permit for …..”
  5. Do prepare Land border and Airport border differently – be ready appropriately! For example, expired permanent resident cannot be used to get onto a plane, but it can facilitate the land border entry. In addition, some borders require more preparations than other borders. – some land borders do not process certain applications.
  6. Don’t misread officers or withhold relevant information. However, you do not need to explain everything details. Do know the volume of info required to achieve your goal to enter into Canada successfully.
  7. Don’t forget to complete ARRIVCAN, along with your vaccination certificate or proof – preferably with QR code included and translated into English or French. Thus must be completed within 72 hours before landing in Canada. This registration is linked to your passport. You can complete on website via desktop computers and print the receipt. If you register on mobile, you can bring the mobile format. If you made mistakes, then you can amend or edit at the time of entering.