Since September, 2021, Express entry system was virtually closed – many international students were left without any feasible and accessible pathway for their dream of becoming permanent residents in Canada.

Minster Fraser acknowledges this issue and made his commitment to create a clear and sustainable pathway for international students to transition to permanent residents in Canada.

He pointed out that out of 405,000 new permanent residents in 2021, more than 170,000 were either international students or post-gratudate work permit holders. In fact, it is known that international students as permanent residents settle better than others, according to Minster Fraser’s comment.

As a result, Minster Fraser is committed to create a new pathway for international students within the next 120 days. However, he also notes that we have more than 432,000 international students and we cannot accept all of them – we will have no room left for a home else. His challenge is to select exceptional international student to who will become excellent permanent residents, who will become Canadian citizens to build our nation stronger and better in coming years.

We look forward to seeing this new pathway for many international students who come to Canada to invest for their future in Canada.