Express Entry system was initially introduced in January, 2015. For the first five years, it has been consistent, even with some amendments along the way. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the system did maintain its consistency, except the increase for French speaking scores.

However, with the pandemic lingered on, Express Entry system had to focus on skilled workers in Canada via Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Program only. Of course there was a love draw on February 13, 2021 – the point went down to 75!

Federal Skilled workers program were last drawn in December, 2020 – certainly, those files are still in processing, but with much lengthier processing time.

Now, the border is open and IRCC is scheduled to make their normal rounds for all four classes of skilled worker in July, 2022. We have more than 60,000 skilled worker candidates who have more than 450 points of Comprehensive Ranking scores. For that, we recommend everyone to be patient while such inventory is getting through during the second half of 2022.

With this new reality, IRCC is seeking for some changes into Express Entry system. For example, the Minister wishes to have a power to select skilled workers with specific talents, like job category, skills (such as languages) or specific educational credential. Currently, such specific selection power is not within the Minister, via ministrial instructions. By having this flexibility, IRCC may issue different MI to react to the labour market reality more rapidly.

We look forward to seeing the improvement of Express Entry system; certainly, we are excited to see the system goes back to the normal rounds prior to the pandemic years.