Are you sick of Express Entry? I’m slowly getting there.

Express Entry has been a very interesting project and the one thing I have to tell everybody is that Express Entry is not an immigration program. So if you are wondering about that I have another video on the basics of Express Entry. This is just about the update on Express Entry since the New Year.


Some of you may know that since November 2016 Express Entry has changed significantly, so if you haven’t seen it or check it out since November I highly recommend it. Another thing that people need to know is that the immigration fiscal year ends March 31st  and starts April 1st so right now the Express Entry numbers are really high so be aware of that. Update on Express EntryAs of a March 1st the draw was actually made for more than 3,500 invitations so obviously for that the score went down to 434 which was a pretty low. We recommend our clients to have a minimum 450 score in Express Entry but a 434 was an awesome deal for so many especially the international students.

Before you start attacking, checking out, drafting, or whatever term you want to use in an Express Entry profile please make sure you get the proper advice. Express Entry is just a first step you must be qualified to become a primary residence second stage, and I don’t want you to get disappointed by the time you get to the second stage.