In May, 2021, IRCC has introduced the new but once-a-life-time program called “Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident” for international students, essential workers and medical workers, in the number of 90, 000. This program was closed in November, 2021.

IRCC provides some update on the processing status, as of May, 2022, at CBA National Immigration Conference on June 3, 2022 – they aim to complete processing of 40,000 application and of 32,000 in 2023. In other words, assuming 90,000 application received, approximately 18,000 applications are completed as of now. We encourage everyone who is in the processing stage to be patient with this processing time.

As a result of this processing schedule, IRCC has announced that they will extend the open work permit availability for those applicants who are still in the processing for another two years to accommodate this stage of processing time.

If your work permit is to be expire soon, we highly recommend you to seek appropriate legal advice to obtain this newly announced open work permit option to secure your legal stay in Canada as a temporary worker.