Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Update to the identity management instructions on change of sex designation


Instructions for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) officers outlining when and how to change the sex designation on IRCC documents for citizenship and immigration lines of business have been updated.

IRCC removed the requirement for applicants to provide proof of sex reassignment surgery in order to request a change of sex designation on IRCC documents and in IRCC systems. Therefore, these instructions have been developed across lines of business in order to outline the documentary evidence required to process changes of sex designation.

Note: If officers require a copy of any forms listed in Change of sex designation for reasons other than a clerical or administrative error prior to their publication, they should contact Program-Integrity. The forms are listed below and will be made available by April 2016.

  • Statutory Declaration – Request for a Change of Sex Designation

  • Support for a Change of Sex Designation – Template Letter from a Medical Professional

  • Request for New Permanent Resident Card Indicating Sex Designation Other than Sex on Foreign Travel Document

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