We Felt We Were Part Of The Family!I am a small business owner in Waterloo Region.  I fell in love with a lovely Ecuadorian woman and we started to live a dream life in both of our countries.  We wanted to get permanent residency – and eventually Canadian citizenship for my wife Ivonne.  I was talking with my accountant who recommended we go and see Jennifer.  He told me “I’m sure she’s as expensive as it gets… but how do you assess true value?” I agreed that money is money but having my wife here… priceless.  We went online and sent Jennifer’s office an email. The fact that her website said that she herself was an immigrant really sold us. Within 24 hours we had a reply and we booked a consultation.

Ever since that first meeting we’ve trusted her. She was professional, clear and transparent with our options.  I like someone who is confident in their skill and knows what they are talking about. I felt that Jennifer guided the whole conversation and answered all my questions – some before I thought of them!

We made the decision to hire Jennifer and her team for several reasons. I’m big on a team environment and both Ivonne and I liked the fact that Jennifer and her staff work as a team – each person doing their part of our application. For our whole time as clients with Jennifer, we felt like we were part of a family. Their office culture is beyond professional.  It is accepting, easy and informal. Our meetings felt like coming to a home, not an office.

The value that both Ivonne and I saw in hiring Jennifer and her team was the confidence and security that we felt.  I never felt nervous about the outcome of our file – and I’m a pessimist by nature. I like the fact that Jennifer has a lot of referrals from other professionals in the community. We’ve already referred people to her.  We told them that customers don’t get lost with their office. They know the system and will create a plan for you to follow. Your job as a client is to follow the plan and you’ll be successful. I don’t have time to become an expert in areas outside of my business.  I hire professionals that are experts in their field.  Jennifer is an expert in immigration. Even if you choose not to hire Jennifer, I recommend that you should invest in a consultation. You will learn a lot and be more informed as to the options you have in front of you. 

Both Ivonne and I would like to say that Jennifer and her team are amazing. My wife can now freely travel to Canada with me only a little over six months since filing our application. We look forward to coming back to see Jennifer and her team when Ivonne is eligible to be a Canadian citizen.

Thank you

Jordan and Ivonne