"We Felt Well Cared For, Welcomed, And That We Had The Right Team"My wife and I first sought out Jennifer’s services when our first spousal sponsorship had been refused. We needed help as the refusal had left us frustrated and stressed and we wanted the help of someone who could help us make the process smoother, so we decided to come in for a meeting with Jennifer.

After meeting with Jennifer, we decided to hire her as she met our expectations in terms of being able to help us and she seemed very knowledgeable about the immigration process.

At the beginning we were a bit nervous as immigration contacted us directly during the time where Jennifer was in the process of being appointed as our representative, which was concerning. However, after they began sending all correspondence to her, the process went much smoother. We felt well cared for, welcomed, and we felt throughout the process that we had the right team in place to fight our legal battle.

My wife and I would definitely recommend Jennifer to others experiencing similar difficulties – legal battles can be very stressful and a worrisome ordeal and it is extremely helpful to have a team that knows what to do, what to expect and has experience dealing with similar cases as yours.

Jennifer’s office did a good job of managing their case files and strategically assigns the files to different people in her office based on their areas of expertise, so that you are normally working with one person at a time. With that being said, I could ask any member of their office a question, and we always found that all her staff had a good grasp on our file and were quick and efficient about addressing our concerns.

We are very grateful to her team for all their hard work, and a special thanks to Cecilia for making us feel comfortable and taking our worries away with her caring and compassionate nature.

Ranaldo and Helena