We Had Someone Who Would Fight on Our BehalfMy wife was referred to Jennifer by one of her clients who attends Jennifer’s church. We made an appointment to see her for a consultation on one of my trips up from the US to visit. We both liked Jennifer and her approach which was basically for us to get them all the information and then they would handle everything.

We had read through the application process online and realized that this was out of the scope of what we were prepared to do. We really liked that everyone in Jennifer’s office has been touched by the process of immigration personally. They know what it feels like to go through this process and we’re so glad we decided to hire them and would do it again in a heartbeat.

It seems odd perhaps to say that we always had a good time at our lawyers’ office but we had fun there. It was simple for us – just gather the documents that they asked for, dump them on them and they took care of the rest. It wasn’t necessarily easy, but it was straightforward. It really wasn’t that stressful because we really believed that no news was good news. Even if something had gone awry, we wouldn’t have worried because we knew we wouldn’t have to tackle it on our own. We had someone who would fight on our behalf.

The peace of mind that hiring the office gave us allowed up to keep on building our lives together. The first years of our marriage weren’t spent dealing with immigration but on building our marriage. Both Amy and I would refer people to Jennifer and her team. We liked everyone we dealt with and they were all helpful at various points during the process. They get the results. If we ever wondered if Jennifer was as honest as she seems in the consultation, she proved it when we actually got a refund back from them at the end of the process. We appreciated that, although it was a small amount, they didn’t just randomly bill things to spend out the rest of the money in our trust fund instead they returned it to us.

The time both of us remember the most was when we had collected everything and were ready to submit our application. There was such a relief and excitement that we had gotten through this overwhelming forest of information and it had been put into an amazing representation of us. Both of us were confident that it would go through and it did.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and looking forward to travelling the world with my wife, visiting my family back in the States all the while knowing that we can always come home. Thanks Jennifer and team for making that a reality.

Chris & Amy