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I met my now wife at a music festival in the U.S. and we decided that it made more sense for her to come here rather than me move to the US.  We looked into the process of how to have Nancy come here legally and realized that it was not a straightforward process.  We did some research online and eventually I asked my lawyer in Waterloo if she could recommend someone that we could talk to about this process.  She recommended Jennifer and so we looked through her website and read the testimonials of past clients.

We went for a consultation and although we were still somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the process, we decided that an expert was the way to go and so we decided to hire Jennifer and her team.  We felt like they knew what they were doing and seemed on top of the constantly changing regulations.  We were impressed with her experience and competence and the staff was very helpful and friendly. 

Shortly into the process we realized we could not have done it on our own.  Having someone to navigate through the bureaucracy was invaluable, especially since the rules and regulations seemed to be changing all the time, depending on legislation.

This process also gets into a lot of personal information and we appreciated the sensitivity with which our story was handled.  It seems odd that our lawyer knows things that even some of our close friends aren’t privy to but they gained our trust and never lost it.

There is a strong sense of teamwork at Jennifer’s office and even if we were talking to a new person, they were familiar with our case and it was gratifying to work with people who are experts in what they do.

Today Nancy is a permanent resident and we are looking forward to travelling and visiting her family in the U.S. as we enjoy the rest of our lives together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your hard work.

Ernst and Nancy

Ernst and Nancy: Thanks for trusting us and thanks for your endorsement. It has been a pleasure to help you. Happy New Year.