My husband and I had lived in the USA for many years before we decided to move back to John’s home country of Canada.  John wanted to use a local immigration lawyer and so we did some research and located
Jennifer.  We listened to her interview clip on CBC and she sounded knowledgeable. I liked that the office had a lot of women professionals and that they were from all over the world. We also appreciated that Jennifer is an immigrant herself. We emailed and set up a Skype appointment while we were in the US.

Jennifer is easy to talk to and we both liked her style, so we hired her
to work for us.  The entire office is friendly, efficient and upbeat.
Jennifer gave us a great overview of the process and then her staff broke down their specific sections into more detail so that we could understand the process step by step.  They’re organized and we liked that when we telephoned or had a meeting, we would receive an email afterwards confirming what we’d discussed.

We liked the sense of certainty that they had about our application and
that what we provided was what Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Canada was looking for.  The office staff is professional, but approachable and friendly. They are responsive and answered questions quickly.

It was a bit exhausting documenting a 20-year marriage, but Jennifer’s
office knew what they were looking for and were responsive to feedback when we didn’t have certain items.  Now I’m a permanent resident here and John and I can move on with the next phase of our lives together.

We’re glad we hired Jennifer to help us get here.

— Carol & John