We Never Regretted Our DecisionI came from France to Canada on a University exchange program in Quebec.  Little did I know that I would meet my life-partner, a girl there only for a year from Ontario.  I fell in love with the girl and also her home country.  After trying for two years to get information on how to do this process; calling the IRCC call centre and frequenting google chat rooms, we did a google search for lawyers to help us.  I had heard a lot of people having problems with lawyers and so when I read the reviews of Jennifer’s site, they were positive and that was very important. 

We came in for a consultation because I was so lost.  Talking to someone who knew what to do was so reassuring.  I was done.  I had no other option.  I knew that we had to give this a try.  Jennifer was very straightforward and frank about what we needed to do.  She was honest and gave us the truth.  We decided she was the one to help us – and we never regretted that decision.

Once we’d hired them, we didn’t have to think too much.  They gave us clear instructions and step-by-step things to do which was very helpful.  I stressed anyway; but that’s just me.  They were very accurate and quick in their response to our questions.  It was great to get a confirmation email following a meeting or phone call because that gave us something to read over when we forgot things.  The office is on a bus route, which was helpful as we don’t drive.  They were always accommodating of our schedules and finding times that worked for everyone.  We liked that they were flexible with options for meeting due to distance and never had an unnecessary meeting.

The money is a big aspect of this, as we’re a young couple just starting out.  However; the peace of mind of someone else having our back in this process can’t be overstated.  This was our future; it’s stressful and we didn’t have a plan B.  We wanted our lives to be here, we didn’t want to have to think about moving to France.  If this didn’t work, I don’t want to think about where Alyssa and I would have been.

However, Jennifer and her team got us through and we’re grateful to have had them on our side.  We were able to keep living our lives without worrying, too much anyway.   Now I’m a permanent resident here and we have started to put down roots and begin our ‘adult lives’ together – including asking Alyssa to marry me – and she said yes!

Thank you Jennifer and team for getting us here.

— Pierre & Alyssa