TestimonialLittle did I know that a year ago when I Googled ‘Best immigration lawyer’ that I would be writing a review for the same law firm that popped up first. I read all the reviews on Jennifer’s website and liked what I read. When we
found out that she was in Kitchener; even better. My husband and I knew we needed to get some advice on how I could become a permanent resident without being deported – as I’d stayed longer than I was supposed to.

We liked Jennifer right from the consultation. She told me that they could do this; and we believed them. We liked her personality – anyone who can make me laugh when I’m stressed is good in my books. We knew that it was
going to be expensive, but every dollar we spent was worth it.

We now live several hours away from the office but they still made it easy for us. That’s the word that we think of when we think about the office, easy. They were flexible with appointments, worked out a payment plan when
we couldn’t pay everything at once, and were always available to communicate with us when we needed it. They asked us for what documents we had and then took care of the rest. We’re glad that we didn’t see Jennifer a lot during the processing of our file – that meant that things were going smoothly. We knew that she was still  overseeing things if there was a problem.

We trusted them that they would take care of it – and they did. We thought we might be able to do this on our own but we didn’t want the headache and hassle. We wanted to follow their instructions, provide what they asked for; and then let them do it.

We’ve already recommended them to others. If you need PR or have any immigration questions, go there. They’re the people to see.  They’ll make it easier for you. We both love that there are people there we can speak Spanish with – as it’s just a little taste of our heritage.

When they told me that I was going to become a permanent resident on Thanksgiving weekend, I had to scream a bit. Now I can travel, work to contribute to our family, set down roots with our own home etc. Although we’ve been together for over five years, this is the real beginning of our life together. There’s no more worry about being  separated. Our clock starts now.

Thanks Jennifer and team for getting us here.

Claudia & Andeks