We Would Certainly Make the Same Decision Again!I work in a law office in the area and so when my partner and I were trying to figure out how to do this immigration process, I asked my colleagues for a recommendation.  I received Jennifer’s name from several colleagues and a friend who was a former client.  I called the office and we were able to book a consultation with me in the office and Duane on Skype.

The consultation was a little overwhelming in that there is a lot of
information all at once because Jennifer goes through all the options that
are available and then she makes a recommendation based on her knowledge and the facts she’s gathered from us.  I really liked her and Duane said that since I deal with lawyers all the time, and I was the one who would be most interacting with the office, that he agreed with my decision to hire Jennifer and her team.  Since our paperwork was processed in under six months, we would certainly make the same decision today!

They are really fast at responding to questions.  I know that not seeing
Jennifer a lot during the processing of our application doesn’t mean that
she wasn’t involved in our file.  We’re grateful that she was overseeing her
team and everyone we dealt with was really efficient and pleasant.  We had
talked with other people and heard horror stories of people doing this
process on their own and it taking years.  We never thought about doing it
on our own – neither my husband nor I are experts in immigration and so we chose to let the professionals handle it. 

What I would tell someone who is thinking about going through this process, go to Jennifer and get the information.  They know what immigration is looking for in your application.  The process is a lot more tedious than we thought.  When we started our relationship, we didn’t think about keeping proof of our relationship, documents and receipts and all that.  The volume of information that goes into this process is staggering but Jennifer’s team was able to sort through and pick out what they needed and our results speak for themselves. 

This process was actually too fast for us, we were thinking that this would take close to a year so now we’re scrambling for Duane to finish up his life in the US.  However, these are great ‘problems’ to have.  Both of us are looking forward to being ‘normal’.  To be able to take for granted our time together; to be able to go out and do things in an evening because we’re both in the same location.  Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us start our true life together.

— Sabrina & Duane