worth every pennyWe received an endorsement from Sarah and Dave. Thank you both for your kind words:

I met my Canadian husband while we were both in New Zealand on a mission trip.  When we decided it was time for us to look into how to legally have me join Dave in Canada, we looked for help and Jennifer’s office was the first one to respond to our email inquiry.  There were a couple of factors that really sold Jennifer for us.  First, we could do a skype consultation while Dave was visiting me in the US and most importantly, we were relieved that there was a faith connection that allowed us to relate to Jennifer and her team on a different level.

Would we make the same decision today, definitely!  It was daunting to think about doing this process on our own but one thing that Jennifer said in our first meeting that really stuck with both of us.  Our first year of marriage wasn’t spent worrying about immigration.  We were able to focus on our relationship and leave the paperwork in very trusted and capable hands.  That doesn’t come without cost but having someone rallying for you and being on your side with Immigration Canada is well worth every penny.  Jennifer researched the options available to us, made recommendations and we trusted her opinion.  We’re glad we did.

In just over a year since we put our application in, my husband received a call from the office to say that my landing papers had come in.  Our last meeting with Jennifer’s office to go over what to do once I’ve landed bookmarks our time with the office with two high points – the consultation where we really connected and felt that this was the office for us, and the confirmation that we had completed the process and they had delivered on what they set out to do.

I had actually forgotten about immigration for a few months as we trusted Jennifer that no news was good news – and we were right.  We didn’t need to keep following up with them because we trusted that they would keep us in the loop. Thank you guys, we really appreciate you very much. -Sarah and Dave