Why Is My Immigration Application Not Moving?“I had something with immigration, but it was SO LONG ago!  How can it hurt me now?”

Immigration Canada has a long memory, with a massive database.  With ever-advancing technology, they keep everything digital to access in future.

Recently, I have been asked, “Why is my application not moving?”.  My usual response is to ask, Is this your first application to Immigration Canada?”

9 out of 10 clients respond “Yes, but I was approved and good.  Why does it matter?”  It matters because Immigration Canada is accessing all your past immigration history in Canada, and potentially the US, including all your immediate families on their database, like your spouse, children, parents, etc.  Upon review, if there is sufficient evidence to question your credibility – inconsistent information, conflict in timing or incorrect information, Immigration Canada now takes very serious steps in taking your immigration status, even a Canadian citizenship.

When in doubt, our recommendation is to prepare your subsequent applications carefully, with all relevant information for you and your family members, to avoid any future difficulties in obtaining your immigration status in Canada or inviting your families to Canada.”

-Jennifer Roggemann