If you are a skilled worker and wanting to be a permanent resident in Canada in many cases people go through the federal skilled worker program or the Canadian experience class application. The problem is those two programs are so close that a lot of people make a mistake in respect to the work experience or eligibility.

Under the federal skilled worker program you must have a one-year professional experience and continuous working experience for one year. So when we talk about a continuous it’s for one employer so if you work for employer A for 6 month then employer B for 6 months that’s not a 12 month experience. Or if you worked for 9 months at the hamburger place and 4 months at the chicken nugget place that still does not work it has to be 12 month continuous.Work Experience –CEC &FWS

However, under the Canadian experience class it doesn’t need to be continuous. Let’s go back to the hamburger example if you have 9 months at the hamburger place and the 4 months at in the chicken nugget place you actually have a 14 month experience in the Canadian experience class which means that you will be eligible. Of course that the work itself has to be qualified under the National Occupational classification zero A or B.

So before you check it out which you will be qualified it’s not a bad idea to check out if your work is eligible under the federal skilled worker or Canadian experience class before you start applying.