Recent news item in the Toronto Star speaks to many cases we see at JR Law Office:application-package

Couple who shipped a box full of wedding receipts, plane tickets, love letters and social media records to prove they’re for real get asked for more — twice. For Immigration Canada, 532 pages of proof isn’t enough.
The 532-page “proof of relationship” they filed included: six pages of wedding receipts, 18 pages of congratulatory wedding cards, 30 pages of wedding photos, 21 pages of plane tickets, 39 pages of emails, 29 pages of cards and love letters, 57 pages of Facebook history, 36 pages of Skype and FaceTime records and 137 pages of iMessage chat logs.

A similar incident happened to our client as well.

We were asked for a certificate of marriage for 3 times, despite all the supporting documents (over 700 pages) that were previously submitted.  However, we made appropriate and timely follow-ups and our client ended up obtaining his permanent resident status within 3 months after arriving at the visa post!

Although the volume of documents is important, how you put together your application can be critical as well.